Financial Aid For Low Income College Students Essay example

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Financial Aid for Low-Income College Students

Why get a college education? The reason you get will be slightly different from each person you ask. However there will be one major commonality among them all that is the importance of a college education in today’s society. The emphasis that today’s society puts on a college education impacts the way people act and live. The process of finding the means of getting into college and then somehow affording it is quite the daunting task, especially for those in low-income households. The Federal Pell Grant Program provides need-based grants to low-income undergraduate students to promote access to postsecondary education ("Federal Pell Grant Program"). The creation of the Pell Grant helps make a very difficult situation a little bit easier for some people.

The societal importance of receiving a college degree reflects the values, norms, and beliefs of the society. The goal or necessity of a college education is not as accessible for those in low-income households. Financial aid has been created to help combat this issue. One state in particular has done a lot for low-income and truly middle class students. The University of California enrolls a large number of high-performing students of all economic backgrounds (Leonhardt 1). California is making strides to help low-income students which helps the lower class as a group the ability to get out of the lower class. This breaks the cycle of the poorer class…

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