Financial Accounting Essay

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Financial Accounting Standards Board


Statement of Financial Accounting
Standards No. 157
Fair Value Measurements

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Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 157
Fair Value Measurements
Issued: September 2006
Effective Date: For financial statements issued for fiscal years beginning after November 15,
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17 and 540
Effectively deletes FAS 133, footnotes 9b, 10b, 18a, 18b, 20a through 20e, and 24a
Amends FAS 136, Summary and paragraphs 15 and 36
Amends FAS 140, paragraphs 11(c), 17(h), 17(i), 63(b), and 364
Deletes FAS 140, paragraphs 68 through 70 and footnotes 20 and 21
Amends FAS 141, paragraph F1
Amends FAS 142, paragraphs 3, 19, 23, and F1
Deletes FAS 142, paragraphs 24, E1, and E2 and footnotes 12 and 16
Deletes FAS 143, paragraphs 6, 7, 9, A19, and F1 through F4 and footnotes 5 through 8, 17, and 19
Amends FAS 143, paragraphs 8, A20, A21, A26, C1, C3(d), C4, C6 through C9, C11, and C12 and footnotes 12 and 18
Deletes FAS 144, paragraphs 22, 24, A12, and E1 through E3 and footnotes 12 through 14, 28, and 29
Amends FAS 144, paragraphs 23, A6 through A8, A11, A13, and A14



FASB Statement of Standards

Deletes FAS 146, paragraphs 5, A4, and A5 and footnotes 13 through 16
Amends FAS 146, paragraph A2
Amends FAS 150, paragraph D1
Deletes FAS 156, paragraph 3(c)
Amends FIN 45, paragraphs 9(a) and 9(b)
Affected by: Paragraph 2 amended by FSP FAS 157-1, paragraph 9(a), and FAS 164, paragraph E14
Paragraphs 21, 28, 30, 32, 33, A20, A34, and A35 amended by FSP FAS 157-4, paragraphs A1(a), A1(b), A1(d), A1(e), A1(e), A1(f), A1(h), and A1(h), respectively
Paragraphs 29A through 29H and A32G added by FSP FAS 157-4, paragraphs A1(c) and A1(g), respectively Paragraph 31A added by FSP FAS 132(R)-1, paragraph C1
Paragraph 36 amended by

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