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Executive Summary
Green Investments (GI) is a financial service company that focuses on stocks of environmentally responsible companies. The Washington-based L.L.C. is lead by Sarah Lewis and Steve Burke. GI uses financial research purchased from Bear Stearns and in-house environmental responsibility analysis to make recommendations to clients.
GI has developed a criteria-based marker system which is easy and effective in evaluating a wide range of different companies on their environmental impact. Only financially prudent/performing companies are evaluated, ensuring that its recommendations make both financial and environmental sense.
Competitive Edge
GI will leverage the proprietory evaluation system to quickly gain market
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* Continue to drive down the costs associated with investment research as it relates to environmental criteria.
1.2 Mission
Green Investments' mission is to become the premier financial service organization that makes investment in companies with outstanding environmental records and practices. Green Investments, through comprehensive research and well thought out and verifiable marker criteria will be able to identify sound environmental investments. By offering the highest level of services, Green Investments will succeed as a company as well as have a positive impact on our environment.
1.3 Keys to Success * Develop a workable, accurate set of environmental markers for a wide range of environmental impacts a company faces. * Purchase high-quality financial performance investment research, recognizing that there is no value added for Green Investments doing this research themselves. * Price the service so that there is a good profit margin while remaining competitive.

Company Summary
Green Investments is a Washington-based financial service company that is concentrating on the niche of environmentally responsible companies. The company is owned by Steve Burke and Sarah Lewis. It has been formed as a L.L.C.
2.1 Start-up Summary

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