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Investments in tourism in Bulgaria – risks and benefits of making an investment decision.

Introduction : What is an investment? Investments in tourism in Bulgaria.(brief explanation)
Risks and benefits form making a decision to invest .

Main body:

How to make an investment decision?
Best circumstances to make an investment. Brief descripition in general and connect with BG
Risk regarding investment decisions.
Investments in tourism. / in general + risks/
Condition of the tourism in Bulgaria / main numbers, perspectives, future prognosis, compare with another similar contrary/.
Benefits and risks - of an Investment in tourism in Bulgaria- what is the possible profit, what is the possible loss, what is more risk or
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At the end of the 14th century, Bulgaria became part of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the country for five centuries. It was not until 1908 that Bulgaria once again became a republic and autonomous region. Located in the Balkans, Bulgaria was part of the Balkan War in 1912-1913, later fighting in World War I and II alongside Germany.
In 1944, Bulgaria was invaded by the Soviet Army and by 1946 the Communist Party had been elected as the governing party. Bulgaria was ruled as a Soviet state for four decades until the fall of communism in the late 1980s. Bulgaria gained independence in 1989 as the Cold War began to break down across the Eastern Bloc. In 1991, the country developed its own constitution and the slow path to democracy commenced.
Bulgaria is one of the youngest EU members, joining on 1 January 2007, although it has yet to become part of the Schengen Agreement, which would allow the free movement of people between Schengen countries. As already mentioned, and outlined in more detail later in the report, the EU has not allowed entry to the Schengen area yet, due to the continued high levels of organised crime and corruption in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe, sharing borders with a number of countries including Turkey, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. Its eastern coast sits on the Black Sea, including the two

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