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Bodie−Kane−Marcus: Essentials of Investments, Fifth Edition

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A Note from the Authors

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A Note from the Authors . . .

The last decade has been one of rapid, profound, and ongoing change in the investments industry. This is due in part to an abundance of newly designed securities, in part to the creation of new trading strategies that would have been impossible without concurrent advances in computer and communications technology, and in part to continuing advances in the theory of investments. Of necessity, our text has evolved along with the financial markets. In this edition, we address many of the changes in the investment environment. At the same time, many basic principles
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This is an asset allocation decision. Second, in most cases the asset allocation choice is far more important xviii

than specific security-selection decisions in determining overall investment performance. Asset allocation is the primary determinant of the risk-return profile of the investment portfolio, and so it deserves primary attention in a study of investment policy. Our book also focuses on investment analysis, which allows us to present the practical applications of investment theory, and to convey insights of practical value. In this edition of the text, we have continued to expand a systematic collection of Excel spreadsheets that give you tools to explore concepts more deeply than was previously possible. These spreadsheets are available through the World Wide Web, and provide a taste of the sophisticated analytic tools available to professional investors. In our efforts to link theory to practice, we also have attempted to make our approach consistent with that of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA). The ICFA administers an education and certification program to candidates for the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). The CFA curriculum represents the consensus of a committee of distinguished scholars and practitioners regarding the core of knowledge required by the investment professional. This text will introduce you to the major issues currently of concern to all investors. It can give you the skills to conduct a

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