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Final Exam Study Guide Psychological Test & Measurement 1 Psychological tests a pertain only to overt behavior b always have right or wrong answers c do not attempt to measure traits d measure characteristics of human behavior 2 The specific stimulus on a test to which a person responds overtly is called a(n) a overt event b answer c item d scale


3 Jeremy lost his job very unexpectedly last year, and for a short while he was not as confident as usual This change in his level of confidence was representative of a trait b state c abnormal behavior d ability 4 An individual test a involves a single examiner for two or more subjects b involves only tests of human ability c can only be given to one person at a time d involves more than
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a individual differences b psychophysical measurement c survival of the fittest d Darwinian evolution 26 Which of the following scientists is credited with founding the science of psychology? a Herbart b Wundt c Weber d Cattell 27 The first version of the Binet-Simon scale was published in a 1905 b 1908 c 1911 d 1896 28 Which test represented a major breakthrough in the measurement of cognitive ability? a Binet-Simon Scale b Seguin Form Board Test c Strong Vocational Interest Bank d Carnegie Interest Inventory 29 It is important to obtain a standardization sample a to prevent bias b to provide a reference sample to which the results of a new subject can be compared c to separate the intellectually subnormal from the normal individual d to ensure the representativeness of a sample 30 The first intelligence tests were developed for the purpose of a identifying gifted children b finding the most suitable candidates for the US Army c measuring emotional instability d identifying intellectually subnormal individuals


Final Exam Study Guide Psychological Test & Measurement


31 In order to establish norms, a large group of people is being given a test under the same conditions in which the test will actually be used This

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