Personal Reflection On Pursuing A Career

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Final Reflection Paper
I chose to attend college so I could get an education that will prepare me for a career I will love. I am still undecided on my major but going to college is something that I have always wanted for myself. I chose to attend Penn State Berks because it is a high-quality education that is close to home. As a first-year student, I thought that having family and friends nearby would help to ease the stress of transitioning into college. One of my greatest achievements was being accepted into college. I was so excited to attend.
I was hoping to gain a sense of my purpose in life. I want to make goals for myself and work hard to achieve them. My goal is to find a career that I will enjoy for my entire life. College will give
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I may want to pursue a degree in biology because I am interested in becoming a physician. I think a degree in biology would be a good fit for me because I am interested science. Also, I like helping others. I have done a lot of research into becoming a physician and the requirements for medical school. I will work hard to achieve my goals. One thing that has been very challenging for me this semester is time management. Assignment due dates came very quickly and I was finding it difficult to balance school, work, social life, and time to relax. I worked through this by keeping a planner and using my time wisely. I made sure I had time to relax so I would not get too stressed out. I worked to make sure that I did not fall behind on anything. I regret the times I could have used my time better and learned from my mistakes. I now understand how to use my time wisely and I will not make the same time management mistakes again. This semester, I am proud that I was able to come to a new place and do my best. I was very stressed about starting a new school but I am glad that I have overcame my fears and got accustomed to college. I am happy that I was able to stay strong when I was stressed. I overcame some of my fears too. One fear I have is public speaking. I had to do a project where I had to present to the class. I am happy that I was able to successfully get through the project and did not let my fear stop me from doing my

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