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When given this project in class, I had no idea what to do. From not understanding what Mr. Hogwood explained then, my classmates started asking so many questions confusing me even more about the final project. Looking at the sheet of paper that was handed out in class. I started to think about the three essays that we did this semester, trying to figure out what to do. It came to my mind on what I should do after the discussion in class. I have finally decided what I am going to do for my final project. For my first revision I have decided to do a PowerPoint for my second essay that I wrote. The second essay was about North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO). In the essay, it talks about how it is an organization for kids from Kindergarten …show more content…
Since this was the last essay that I wrote everything that I wrote was still in my head. I still talked about the same topics “Black Barbie’s”, “baby mamas” and “uneducated sisters”. The only thing that I changed about this revision was my audience which I changed it from it being for anyone to just for young black girls.
Starting with the brochure, the front page makes it seem like the person who would read this is a black girl. That’s how I want it to be like. The picture on the front says “Black Girls Rock”. Black Girls Rock is an award show on Black Entertainment Television (BET) that wards young black girls and their achieves in the world. Whether it be acting, singing, or making a world a better place.
After that on the next side is about “baby mamas” the picture on the top is a picture of a mother and son showing that she can be happy without the father being there. The text is similar to the essay. One of the quotes which is the last one in paragraph you asked me to change it or reword it. So I went back to the website where I found the quote from and reread what Mr. Rocque was saying. Then I changed that sentence from the essay and rewrote it in the brochure. Now hoping it sounded better than what was in the
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We’re beautiful.” This really stood out to me when I read this. I wasn’t going to put this into the brochure but as I was doing other things I kept thinking about so I had to add it. Also, in the center there are three pictures showing how people define black women as “Black Barbie’s”. They are all pretty pictures of two beautiful women. The first one to me is like a normal everyday look no one famous or anything. The next two reminds me of black women who have love to wear high heels and being popular. I don’t see a problem with that. What’s wrong with dressing up so

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