Final Project Creating a Social Program Essay

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The name of the Social program that I have created is a shelter for teenage mothers and abused and battered women, it like a home away from home. The name of the shelter is called Women of Worth. At this shelter we want to make every woman feel and know that they are special and someone is interested in them and want to make sure they don’t stay in the condition that they are in but want them to know there is a way out for them and they can rise again and be the strong independent woman of worth that they are. We provide room and board and three hot meals per day for these women; we even send them to school to learn a skill that will eventually help them in the business world when they get their feet on the ground.

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The most commonly provided service available to women with disabilities was accessible shelter or referral to accessible safe house or hotel room. A majority of abuse programs provided individual counseling, and group counseling. Nearly half provided an interpreter for hearing impaired women. Less than half presented workshops or other training on recognizing potentially violent situations. Approximately one-third offered safety plan information modified for use by women with disabilities, and disability awareness training for program staff. The service least likely to be offered was personal care attendant services, available in only 6 percent of abuse programs. Sixteen percent of programs have a program staff member who is specifically assigned to provide services to women with disabilities. Respondents identified one-quarter of these 79 staff members as being social workers by training, while the second most common primary field of training or expertise for this staff member was peer counseling, meaning that the individual had personal experience with abuse or disability, then rehabilitation counseling, and psychology. Only a very few program staff for disability services were

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