Final Marketing Paper Week 7

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HSM430—Planning and Marketing for Health Services Organizations | FINAL COURSE PAPER | New Orleans Public Hospital |

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Final Course Paper
HSM430 Planning and Marketing for Health Services Organizations

My market analysis is that New Orleans needs a public hospital and needs one rather badly. It’s been since August 29, 2005, that this city has been without a “true operational” public hospital and that is one year too long. I will include demographics of the area and citizens, a marketing analysis and a sure marketing plan to get this project from a dream to a reality. As I have stated in the above paragraph, my demographic site will be the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. The parishes that will be covered
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Louisiana Public Health Institutes are nonprofit, multi-sector entities that serve as partners and conveners to improve population-level health outcomes and foster innovations in health systems. Benefits of partnering with public health Institutes like LPHI include: * multi-sector approach * neutral/third party * public/private relationships * alternative organization structure * community links * leveraging of new resource * lower indirect rates * ability to assist/mentor/consult * public health resource trust for the state According to Louisiana Public Health Institute, the state’s top health issues are: Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Infant Mortality, Obesity, Tobacco Use, and Disparities. (Louisiana Public Health Institute, 2011) Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals provides health unit Services all over the state. The following lists is what the health units provide: | | | | Adult Health Programs | | | | Birth and Death Records | | | | Child Health Services | | | | Children’s Special Health Services | | | | Communicable Disease Control | | | | Family Planning | | | | Food and

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