Final Exam Questions : Plato 's Divided Line Essay

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Final Exam Questions Plato’s Divided Line works to explain how a person separates knowing from being, otherwise known as the intelligible and visible worlds. He does this by separating the ‘steps’ a person takes in achieving ultimate knowledge into four sets. Images, Objects, Concepts, and Forms in the form of being, with Eikasra, Pistas, Dianoia, and Noesis being their counterparts in the form of knowing. He calls this The Divided Line which is illuminated by The Good. Every man begins the divided line at its lowest level (Images/Eikasra) and through time, they may develop the ability to ascend The Divided Line all of the way to the highest form of knowledge. (Forms/Noesis) Plato goes through the progression of The Divided Line in The Myth of the Cave. To explain the progression of The Divided Line, we must begin from the bottom. Understanding Objects is impossible without first understanding the Image-Object Relationship. In this relationship, one must be able to see and distinguish between the two. An example of Images used in The Myth of the Cave is the shadows cast by the objects against the walls of the cave, while an example of an Object would be seeing the objects casting these shadows first hand. Once one has seen both of these things, and can recognize the difference between the two by understanding that eikasia involves one’s imagination and opinion. In the cave, this is only seeing the shadows, and thus only knowing the apparent shape of an object, While Pistas…

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