Essay FINAL COM10003 Assessment 3 Honeyman

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The technology of social networking sites has established online collaboration tools and created opportunities for students to utilise the vast amount of communication tools for completion of their work. (Weaver et al., 2010). Throughout this unit I have developed skills to use and evaluate online sources of information not only for academic purposes but for social and personal interests too. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my experiences from this unit by discussing how I have developed skills in finding, using and evaluating online sources of information for academic purposes. The scope of this paper will begin by discussing how my use of online sources has developed over the period of the course. It will then examine how …show more content…
According to Metzgar’s (2007) survey I would have fallen below the 1.97 % average of students who actually checked the credibility of online sources in 1999. Now I am aware of the quantity of unreliable information online and the importance of using reliable sources in my work. I would like to think I would be 4.4 % average for checking my information because of my increased awareness surrounding the importance of checking credibility of online materials. Using Metzgar’s checklist and formulating a discussion in week 7 with my group on Wiki we were able to use this checklist to help complete the ‘your critical eye’ activity which contributed to the success of our group assessment by ensuring all group members checked the credibility of their online sources. A valuable lesson I have taken onboard is that Wikipedia is not a viable nor recommended source for academic sources, but can be used as a great starting point as it provides credible references to back up the information presented.

The proficiency in checking resources that I have attained throughout this unit is a life long skill for future use across other units and everyday life. For example I will now use Metzgar’s (2007) checklist when I am researching for information for an essay to find credible and reliable information to support an argument. The activity in week 10 ‘rubrics and critiquing’ on the blackboard provided a clear

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