Final Assignment Week 5 EXP 105 Essay

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Herlina Pryor
EXP 105 – Final Reflection Assignment

Learning to me is allowing your brain to receive information and then applying in to your life experiences. I feel like face to face learning is better, however, online is more convenient. I prefer face to face because it offers a more personal relationship with your classmates and your professor. Although it is not practical for my life, I do wish I could attend classes in a regular environment. Online provides me that much needed space and opportunity to move at my own pace. Now that I have taken this class, I know that while I am receiving information I will be more aware of the information being delivered because I will now be more intentional with receiving the information.
I was
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It is truly not my strong suit. I was rated at a 28 for confluence. I like working with a team. It lets me be creative. I say that to say that I am willing to take lots of risks and do it different. That is the plus with working with a group, there are so many different ideas that can be shared with a group. That way things aren’t done as a routine. Also, I like to share my way of doing things and most people are very receptive to that.
I realized, while learning about my patterns, that I can either utilize my patterns to its full potential or I can FIT it to the project that I’m doing. Now that I’m more aware of my way of understanding and receiving information I can be a more intentional learning. Being able to utilize my critical reading and writing skills I can be more successful in making it through school. Before I knew my pattern of learning, I would just read a lot of information without decoding how I can apply it for better understanding.
The hardest part of understanding my learning pattern is that because I know it, and I know my capabilities, I will have to teach myself how study and read information with intention. When you have done something a certain way all your life, it’s hard to change the way you receive information. I will practice being more conscious of how I’m taking in the information for a particular task or project. Some of the same advice I read from my peers on week 3 of the class will

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