Final Assessment : Performance And Test Assessment Essay example

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Final Assessment

Performance and Test Assessment. Assignment Instructions provided in class.

Purpose: You are a teacher who has planned an exciting unit for her students with well-structured learning objectives that are linked to standards. What will be the performance assessment you will include as a culminating assignment?
Grade: 1st grade. Social Studies
Topic of Unit: Goods and Services. Making the right choice.
Goods and services is very important unit for students that will help them to understand why they are coming in the school every day, why their parents have to go working every day, why they need jobs, and what other people can do for them. The unit will help students understand the importance of school. They would identify what is difference between needs and wants, that not everything what they want – they really need. They would identify how to smart choose the goods and services that would best to satisfy their needs and wants.

1.19. Students will explain the difference between goods and services and will describe how people are both buyers (consumers) and sellers (producers) of goods and services.

Primary Learning Objectives
- After identifying differences between goods and services, students would be able to describe how people are both buyers and sellers of goods and services, with 80% of accuracy.
- Given list of the jobs, students would be able to categorize them into two groups: as providing goods or as providing services, with…

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