Final 3 : Obscure Sports Essay

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Round 3: Obscure Sports

1. In the sport of wife-carrying, a male contestant carries a wife, either his own, his neighbors, or one found further afield, over a 270 yard (250 meter) obstacle course. What country originated this particular athletic frolic?
a) Sweden
b) Denmark
c) Norway
d) Finland

2. When J. K. Rowlings invented the sport of Quidditch, she intended a delightful fantasy sport wherein wizards zoom about the playing field on flying broomsticks. However, a few Harry Potter enthusiasts, grown men indeed, attempt to replicate the sport in the real world, although, unable to fly on the brooms, they merely carry them. Consequently, the game excites little interest, mainly attended by aged mothers tasked with affecting a passion. In Quidditch, the rules define the foul of seizing an opponent 's broom, to slow or hinder that player as -
a) Blagging
b) Cobbing
c) Flacking
d) Quaffle-pocking

3. In the sport of camel wrestling, two male camels lock necks and attempt to force each other to the ground. What tactic traditionally induced the camels to begin wrestling?
a) Trainers fed the combatants eggplant – eggplant being a stimulant for camels.
b) The rival trainers spat on opposing camels.
c) A trainer led a female camel in heat by the two competitors.
d) A musician played the flute, camels, as everyone knows, hating flute music.

4. In the sport of Bossaball, similar to Volleyball but including elements of football, gymnastics and capoeira, the playing court…

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