Film Review : The Movie ' Film ' Essay

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I know very little about non-western films. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin looking for such a film. Luckily for me, Hulu has a section entitled “international films”. I browsed through the list quickly and was immediately drawn to a film called House (1977). The description was very vague. Seven school girls visit an aunt in the countryside and encounter a haunted house. I’m a sucker for horror films. I’m an even bigger sucker for really awful and cheesy horror films. I optimistically pressed play and crossed my fingers in the hopes that it wouldn’t let me down and that it came with English subtitles. House turned out to be everything I wanted and more. It was a surreal and cheesy film that offered little horror but very big laughs. It’s hard to explain a film like House. It really is a movie one needs to see to understand. It was a viewing experience unlike any other. It felt like a mix of several genres of film all thrown together to create something completely brand new and unique. One of the strongest genres that I felt within this film wasn’t really a genre so much as a parody. There were a couple of quick paced slapstick scenes that strongly reminded me of the Benny Hill chase scenes. My favorite of these scenes was one that involved a male teacher rushing through the streets, falling down a flight of stairs, and eventually ending with his behind stuck in a metal garbage can while children on the street play the drums on it. In a documentary…

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