Film Review : The Film ' The Vanishing ' Essay

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The original movie The Vanishing was made in 1988 for a French-Dutch audience by the director George Sluizer. The remake of the original movie was made in 1993 in a Hollywood atmosphere with the names of popular american celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Kiefer Sutherland. The American remake possesses the same director as in the original movie, George Sluizer. The American remake of the vanishing was intended to fit the needs and expectations of a very high and demanding American crowd. In the remake of the film the director really conveys what type of film Americans desire. The remake contains more action, and less dialogue. It reveals what us Americans really like to see in our films. Suspense, fights, drama, and a hero at the end of it.

A vast change that was made in the remake of The Vanishing was the extended ending. The reason being is due to the fact that there was a hero at the very end of the remake, which the original film did not contain. Some critics might acclaim that Ms. Carmicheal is the hero for getting Barneys license plate. Others might lean towards Barneys daughter Maggie for being the hero by reason of leading Rita to the cabin in which Barney had taken Jeff. Aside from both of those characters having a great contribution in the movie my hero would indeed have to be Rita. The reason being is due mainly to the fact that she found Barneys daughter, who then helped her find Jeff at the cabin and she at the end of it all saved Jeff from being…

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