Film Review : Spider Man Essay

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Perhaps one of the most notable superheroes is Spider-Man, who continues to ensnare generations of audiences in the web of his geeky charm and all around feel good acts of heroism top this day. He first appeared in comics in 1962 and has since been featured in them countless times as well as having a prevalent screen presence as of 2002, when the first movie premiered. Spider-Man is the superhero alter-ego of Peter Parker, a geeky high school science whizz who is bullied by jocks and overlooked by the girl of his dreams. While on a field trip, Peter sustains a bite from a genetically modified spider and almost instantly experiences changes to his DNA including heightened sensory awareness and the ability to climb walls.
With limited knowledge of his powers, Parker decides to try his hand at cage fighting, using his new-found speed and agility to best men thrice his size. When he goes to claim the prize money Peter is cheated out of his winnings, and shortly after he leaves a man comes in behind him and steals the cash. Peter does nothing to stop the thief and so aids in his escape. The movie adaptation of the story finds Peter stumbling upon the body his uncle who was shot during a carjacking. Overwhelmed with grief, Peter vows to hunt down the perpetrator, and in doing so discovers that he is partly to blame for the accident. It is this realization that sets Peter Parker on the path to becoming the Spiderman that millions today know and love.
The Spider-Man films explore…

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