Essay on Film Review : Little Miss Sunshine

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The film Little Miss Sunshine follows a family on their road trip from New Mexico to California. The shows the lives of a dysfunctional lower middle-class family. The protagonist Olive gets accepted to compete in a beauty pageant in California. Her family consisting of her Mother Sheryl, Father Richard, Silent Brother Dwayne, Suicidal Uncle Frank and drug addict Grandfather all take the trip with her in a beat down Volkswagen bus. The film goes into depth about different problems ordinary people may face on a day to day basis and the way that they handle these issues. Dwayne, Richard, Frank, and Olive all are trying to overcome totally different problems throughout the film and are resolving them in very similar ways. Even though these four characters appear to be dealing with their problems totally differently, they really deal with them in all the same way, with a moment of grace. In the beginning of the film, one can see a small moment of grace with Frank and Sheryl. The viewers find out that Frank was one a college professor who attempted suicide because he broke up with his boyfriend. Because of his attempted suicide, Frank loses his job and gets kicked out of his apartment. Sheryl says he can live with her and for Frank, this is his moment of grace. Frank sees this as a second chance, and once he finds out about Olive’s venture to California he takes it very personally and really wants to help Olive get to her pageant.
One of the biggest and most memorable moments…

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