Film Review : Film Wastes No Time Diving Into The Subject And Immediately

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Dreamworlds is a film that analyzes the roles that sex and power play in today’s music videos. This film wastes no time diving into the subject and immediately begins to display popular music videos from all types of genres. Whether it’s pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, or country, nothing stops the music industry from displaying sexualized images of women and male sexual dominance.
This film did an extraordinary job of describing and depicting the sexual imagery, and the trend in themes of modern music videos. The subject of male sexual dominance is one of the topics covered in the film and how that fictional role has changed the way men treat women in society. The way the sexuality of women is shown in this music videos makes it seem like women are just sexual creatures ready to please men at whatever moment they desire.
While not every artist participates in these kinds of music videos, if they plan on surviving in this music industry, they will eventually have to change and fall into this category of fictional sexualized themes, plots, and imagery. This documentary is truly extraordinary in displaying and depicting the themes, patterns and message behind the music video. Most people-I’m assuming-will watch a popular rap video where attractive women in bikinis are shown dancing erotically whilst one hundred dollar bills are thrown at them, or credit cards are swiped down their buttocks like some ATM, and get nothing out of the video besides seeing attractive women and loads of…

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