Film Review : Film Production Essay

1132 Words Nov 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Over time film has truly evolved and progressed in more ways than one. Since 1930 the art of the film has truly developed including evolving genres and ever changing production techniques. Since the creation of motion pictures in 1890 the presence of film has always been apart of society. Although motion pictures started off with no audio and color, directors were able to still get different ideas across to the audience. Throughout time many different effects were created in order to illustrate different scenes and stories found in movies. This progression of film can be seen if watching different movies in chronological order. The special effects alone are something to witness in terms of developing overtime. Film has had a steady improvement in terms of development an can be easily seen overtime when looking at any set of movies. The history of film production truly has out done itself in terms of starting off as something simple and to where it has truly evolved into today. When looking at iconic films such as A Trip to the Moon one can see how film has really looked in terms of special effects for the early 1900 's. The original rocket landing in the moons eye, still iconic today, starts off the movie with a plethora of special effects for the time thus showing what film development was like at the time. Truly ahead of it 's time, A Trip to the Moon illustrates Greek astronomers traveling and landing on the moon as the title suggests. Once there, they encounter…

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