Film Review : Dead Poets Society Essay

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Film Review: Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society is a daring movie, which stands for having the courage to do something for oneself and breaking away from the direction of others. The English teacher inspires his students to challenge the techniques within their books, by standing on desks and tearing out pages of the book.
The movie stars Robin Williams, better known as Mr. Keating; the English teacher at the Welton Academy in Vermont. Keating wants his students to be “free thinkers,” because the human race is filled with passion. “Words and ideas can change the world.” His teaching style becomes a problem for the school administration, because they believe in structure, and the students shouldn’t be able to think on their own. Mr. Keating encouraged the students, but he’d soon be fired for the way he taught the students. He found a way to get the students to enjoy and love poetry, which urged the students to study poetry on a deeper level.
The students read Mr. Keating’s annual, where they discover that he was the founder of the Dead Poets Society. His students reincarnate the society, but its meetings are wrongly put together. They try to recruit girls into the society by impressing them with random lines of poetry. The words of the Dead Poets Society are immortalized within the meeting book. Later on, the Dead Poets Society is published in the school newspaper and the administration become very upset with it and tries to figure out who is in the group. Consequently,…

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