Film Of The1980s : Rocky Iv Essay example

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Mahrad Shahi
Mr. Ahumada
2 February 2016
Ideology in Films of the1980s: Rocky IV
Since the beginning of politics, propaganda has been a vital part of influencing people’s views on different matters. Every day people are subject to some form of propaganda. When Ronald Reagan was appointed President, propaganda through film was used in order to shape public opinion in favor of Reagan. Films of the 1980s seemed to all have one reoccurring theme, conflicts against the Soviet Union. In the mid-1980s, as tensions between the U.S and USSR was reaching an all-time high, a sense of fear started to grow amongst Americans. Films of this decade not only aided the morale of people but also were strong factors in shaping general belief. The film Rocky IV was one that openly and greatly supported the Ronald Reagan administration of the 1980s.
During the Cold War, President Regan was noted as one who confronted the USSR aggressively and with intent to end the Soviet Union. Publicly denouncing the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire” and later saying that the USSR is the main “focus of evil in the modern world” was an example of his anti-Soviet views. Reagans attempt to illustrate the Soviets as “Evil” was eminent in Rocky IV. All main Soviets in the film are all represented in identical ways. Ivan Drago is depicted as an irritated, heart-less man with no emotions. This is apparent when a reporter asked about the death of Apollo Creed, he responded “If he dies, he dies”. He does not…

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