Film Is Fast Forward A Few Years When Nak Essay

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Then, the film is fast-forward a few years when Nak-an is quite older. He is outside with kids from the neighborhood when they start calling his father “hair man.” Nak-an runs and tells his father who goes out to find the kids. He starts yelling at the chubby kid, but his father soon comes who Han-mo knows. He stops yelling at the kid and goes back to his shop. He then explains to Nak-an what the colors stand for on the barber pole: red and blue for blood and white for bonds. He tells his son that barbershops use to be doctor’s offices and so barbers and doctors are brothers. Next, a CIA agent comes to his shop and tells him to look out for a suspicious person at 12 a.m. that night. Han-mo wakes up and finds a man on the roof who he thinks is a spy. He gets the police and they catch him, but soon find out that he wasn’t a spy. He was a CIA worker working for a Japanese neighbor. As a result of all this, Han-mo has to go to the Blue House. He ends up meeting the President, making him laugh and gets a plaque for his actions. This part of the film caused me to do some research on barbershops. I had never paid attention to the barber poles until this film. Upon my research I found that during the Middle Ages barbers were sometimes the assistants to Monks who tended to the sick and performed procedures. Therefore “red represents blood and white represents the bandages.” (Nix). I probably would have never known this if it wasn’t for this movie. I also found it…

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