Film I Watched Were Stand And Deliver Directed By Edward James Olmos

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1. The films I watched were Stand and Deliver directed by Ramon Menendez and Walkout directed by Edward James Olmos. Both of these films are similar with one another in some aspects. To begin with, they both take place in Los Angeles and depict Chicano students’ struggles in education. First, they both portray student experiences with the language barrier at schools. To further explain, students first learn Spanish at home, as their first language. Later, when they attend school, these children must completely learn and understand English, with no extra helps from the schools. Because of this quick transition, it is difficult for these kids to adapt in an unfamiliar environment, in which they cannot fully comprehend the lessons and lectures. Moreover, the films both concentrate on the extremely low expectations, created by the school systems and community. For example, many students believe that college is beyond their reach; therefore, they settle for staying in the family business, going to a trade school, or dropping out of high school to get a job. Plus, the families of these students are more focused on fitting in to American culture or working, which leads to result them forcing their children to settle for the low standards, classes, and resources available to the students in the classroom. Despite these similarities, the films do have differences in the way they capture the two distinct stories. For Stand and Deliver, it concentrates on Jaime Escalante’s journey in…

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