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Joshua Damm (N00809254)
FIL 2000
1 March 2013
Editing in the Butterfly Effect
In the movie the Butterfly Effect, directed by John R. Leonetti, there are many different elements of editing utilized to create unique suspenseful and thrilling scenes. Leonetti relies on editing to contribute to the overall thrilling sensation created in the movie. Editing in this movie generates many different effects, but the most noteworthy effects in the movie add to the continuity of the film as well as the sense of suspense and uncertainty. This movie is filled with flashbacks and flash-forwards because of the main character going back to the past to change his memories. In doing so he hopes to live the best life possible without destroying
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The next shot is a medium shot of the teacher speaking to the class for 3 seconds, which dissolves into a close up shot duration of 2 seconds of Evans horrific drawing of a murderer. Following the close up of his drawing is a tracking shot of Evan walking from his seat to a table filled with crafts which last 7 seconds. After this tracking shot there is a close up of the teacher’s surprised face for 2 seconds, followed by a medium shot duration of 3 seconds of Evan banging his hands down into stakes. The scene then flashes forward to Evans cell mate holding Evan through a close up shot of their astonished faces for 4 seconds. The scene concludes with a close up shot of Evan’s newly scared hands.
Many of these shots in this scene show different uses of graphic and temporal relations. Graphic relations is seen in the shots before the flash back when the camera is stationary and calm when pointed at Evan, but in point of view shot of us looking at the cell mate the camera begins to shake, which heightens the suspense of the flashback. Temporal relation is shown in this scene when he flashes back to his elementary school days to prove to his cell mate that Jesus Christ can speak to him to his thoughts, and that he can also change his past. This is the first time in the film that he proves to someone that he can change the past through his memories. Before this everyone thought he was crazy when he talked about it. These relations help with add to the

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