Film Critique Walt Disney’s the Princess and the Frog Essay

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Tiana and her mother leave Big Daddy’s mansion and hop on a trolley. As they are riding the trolley from Big Daddy’s mansion it shows all these other mansions in Big Daddy’s mansion, and as they cross the tracks to go to Tiana’s house the scenery totally changes. Once the trolley crosses the tracks, the road turns from cobblestone to a dirt road. The houses turn from huge mansions to little shacks that are pretty much on top of each other and all look the same. Tiana’s father and her make some gumbo for supper that night and decide to share with all the neighbors. Tianas’ family went outside to the front porch and announced to everyone outside that they made gumbo and to come and get some. After Tiana’s mother made the announcement, about twenty or so neighbors started to walk over to Tiana’s house, and every single one of them was African Americans. This showed to me as I was watching that scene that was just another example of classism in the movie. Although it could be argued too, that since this film was taken place in the Jim Crow era, it could be a show of segregation as well. Another example of classism involves Prince Naveen’s servant, Lawrence. Lawrence begins the movie muddling along trying to balance all of the Prince’s needs while being largely taken for granted, however, when Lawrence is given the chance to pass as Prince Naveen and gain wealth and power
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