Film And Video Game Industries Essay

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Academic efforts such as Beyond the Multiplex:Cinema,New Technologies,and the Home (2006), Reinventing Cinema:Movies in the Age of Media Convergence (2009), Hollywood Gamers:Digital Convergence in the Film and Video Game Industries(2010), The Art of Immersion:How the Digital Generation is Remaking Hollywood,Madison Avenue,and the Way We Tell Stories(2011) and 21st-Century Hollywood:Movies in the Era of Transformation(2011) demonstrates a lot about how film develops in the contemporary digital era. The transitions and changes of film narration under the new technical conditions is an interpretation about "narrative is everything". With the revolutionary developments in film technology, the digital technology eventually constitutes the main trend of the commercial film production, distribution and exhibition, as well as becomes a controversial topic about the increasingly diverse portable film platform. Revisiting from what the film is, many attempts redefine the nature of the film to illustrate the significance of the film and the phenomenon about transmedia in the digital age. The tactile school and the embodied experience indicates a redefinition about what the image somatosensory experience is and how it influence the film phenomenology trend. Many academic article contributes a lot in revealing how the emotion in film attracts audience as well as how film expresses the rise and the debilitate of the narrative on a psychological level rather than concerning with how film…

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