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KPB203 Australia Film
Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways is an Australian independent movie, written and directed by Sarah Watt. It was shown in 2005. The film was funded by the Adelaide Film Festival fund where it opened (Wikipedia 2005). It is a sucessful movie and has been shown at the Toronto International film festival (Discovery Award).
The genre of this movie are drama and comedy. Look Both Ways takes a look into lives of different people drawn together by this tragic accident on the railway tracks.

Personal Statement:
Look Both Ways is a meaningful movie. It creates animated fatalism in live action. It is an excellent Australian prodution. It creates meanings about death and life. Also, it is showing relationship of families.
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A range of emotions and tone are related to the characters.
There is a creative ending, the scene which is Nick’s mother who is watching the television news, found a survivor who is a little girl. Her mother is so happy and surprised. And then the shot changes to Nick’s mum who smiles. A continuing fast cut shows Nick having treatment and traveling around the world with Meryl. It also shows that Andy taking a photo with his baby and girlfriend. The characters are brave to face their problem.
The convention is expected elements in this film which related to death, family and friends support. There are always solutions in the world. The ideological effect is that the audience will have interaction through the film and look both ways.

Filmmakers arrange characters, props and scenery to complement the story. Generally, characters provide the human reference point for an analysis of mise-en-scène.
In the first sequence of Look Both Ways: The train accident, who hit a man, (06.43 to 06.59) is a Mise-en-scene shot. It used wide angles to show the audience the place of the accident. It used a pan to give the whole view. The settings of that scene are police, ambulance arrives. The camera followed what the actors were doing. One of the police used the plastic tape to block the accident location. The sequence is fluent and realistic. There are no cuts with any editing. Also, the sequence is without any zoom in or out effects.
It is one

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