Film And Mise En Scene Essay

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Journal 1

After the first two weeks of lecture in Cinema Appreciation I have learned a great deal more about what goes into making a film. I was under the impression that there was one magical camera that could change settings to capture the diverse range of images instantaneously. Active viewing was something, I thought I did, but it wasn’t until I took a step back and saw the variety of shots and how each one of them is put together that I realized that there is more then one way to watch a movie. The different ways that a film is shot and how the scene is constructed are ways directors convey meaning to the audience. Film language and mise-en-scene are greatly present during the film Edge of Tomorrow. The first scene that I want to discuss is the initial raid of the beach in northern France. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) reluctantly boards the helicopter in his battery operated battle suit. Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman uses computer-generated imagery to create the special effect of helicopters flying the soldiers into war. Helicopters are scattered across the landscape and then one comes into focus taking up the majority of the screen. Liman cuts scene taking the audience from flying along side the helicopter to inside to rejoin with the protagonist Major William Cage. The director used these shots to introduce the spectator to the incredible number of forces that are going into battle with the Mimics. Once inside the helicopter the onlooker is placed into…

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