Film Analysis Winter 's Bone Essay

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Kia Ference
Rural Health J-term 2016
Film Analysis-Winter’s Bone

Application of Family theory
The family theory is ones knowledge about a family structure, function and process that gives a better understanding about the family interactions that affect their health, illness and well-being (Kaakinen, 2010). This theory is essential for nurses to understand so they can better educate, counsel and make adjustments that allow families to handle crisis, chronic conditions and illness (Kaakinen, 2010). The family theory is divided into three components; structure, function and process, to assist nurses in providing better assessments and interventions for families (Kaakinen, 2010).

Structure Family structure is known as the set of relationships within one family (Kaakinen, 2010). When analyzing a family structure, it is important as a nurse to understand the components of the family such as; what individuals are making up that family, the relationships between them, and the interactions within the family members and other social systems (Kaakinen, 2010). Every person has their own interpretation of who makes up their family. As a nurse, it is essential to understand ones meaning or definition of family in-order to properly evaluate the situation and provide the best care. Family structures are always changing through a family life-cycle. The Dolly family structure changed when her father disappeared and was eventually found dead. Examining the Variations of Family and…

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