We Were Solders Film Analysis

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In the movie “We Were Solders” directed by Randall Wallace is a must watch film. The film is about the Vietnam War, mainly the first battle against the Americans and the Vietnam army. The majority of the movie took place in a football sized battle field that is where the American army was fighting against the Vietnam army. The Americans were outnumbered greatly it was about 400 Americans against 2000 Vietnamese soldiers. Then again the whole movie is not just about war it shows how it affects the wives of the soldiers, and how some of the soldiers leave behind whole families to protect their country. The movie shows how the wives of the soldiers were affected. The movie also shows soldiers returning to their families but not all are so lucky. Randall Wallace was able to successfully use different techniques to make the film grasp the viewers’ attention and …show more content…
This was seen to a reporter named Joseph L. Galloway “he arrived at the battle field with only his cameras, he would go up to soldiers and interview them and he became friends with one of the solders” (Wallace). At this point Galloway is just an innocent reporter. He was not even caring a gun witch showed the viewers that even in the middle of all the chaos he preferred to take pictures to show outsiders what war looks like. That all changes is seconds “the friend that he had made was hit by a Naypom, his whole body was burnt and when he tried to help pick him up he pulled off his skin and his friend started to scream with pain after that he picked up a gun and started to fight” (Wallace). What once was an innocent reporter that just wanted to take pictures is now killing. The people who have seen it or will see it will see the changes that Galloway went through all cause of war. Then one as the viewer can start to think of that chaos that was going on and how people actually been through that and even

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