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1. Selma A dramatic retelling of an important event of America, Selma riveted viewers with its shocking beauty. Despite its slight historical inaccuracies, this well versed film educated many on some of the heartbreaking and moving events of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Its relatability to some of the current controversial American issues makes it a very emotional and important film.

2. The Princess Bride Some may consider it just a sappy comedy, but this tale of adventurous true love is definitely a classic. Throughout the length of this humorously unpredictable movie, Goldman fabricated some of the most quotable dialogue in cinematography. The sword fighting and dramatic action also invokes many seemingly impossible comebacks from each
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X-Men An extraordinary adaptation of its action filled comic form, X-Men led the way for modern day superhero films. Its distinguished cast portrays their mutated characters well, with the help of flawless movie makeup and costuming. The director does an incredible job of mixing fascinating storytelling with generous portions of digital effects.

7. The Perks of Being A Wall Flower Based on Stephen Chbosky’s best seller, this film tells the heartfelt story of growing up, both the bewildering highs and overpowering lows. Due to this film’s sincere and stripped down theme, many consider it a modern classic. Each character is relatable in their own way and reach out to youth viewers.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas One of the first Claymation movies, A Nightmare Before Christmas is a fantastically dark take on a genre of movies that are known to be overly joyful and sentimental. Despite the enormous commercialization of the film, it has not lost its unique take on the holly jolly Christmas season. The ground-braking approach to full-length animated films instills A Nightmare Before Christmas as a fantastic, and even heartwarming
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Learn English Commercial An incredibly crude, yet hilarious foreign commercial follows one stereotypical German family as they hop into their nice blue Volkswagen, flip on the radio and begin bobbing their heads to a song that happily repeats an extremely vulgar sentence over and over. They drive away, and the message “Engles leren?”, which translates to “Want to learn English?”, appears on the screen. The ironic idea of a wholesome family obliviously enjoying such a crass tune, along with the afterthought of how the family would react upon finding out what the song actually means makes this commercial one of the funniest ever.

10. Forrest Gump Forrest Gump critics would claim this film is too sentimental and contains a slightly problematic message, but the movie’s fun technical crafts and era capturing soundtrack overwhelm these ideas. Along with the sweetness and charm of this film, which show its true finesse and wisdom. When you narrow in on what really makes this film special, it comes down to Forrest’s magnetic

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