Film Analysis : The Film ' The Red Detachment Of Women ' Essay

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Using different techniques and manipulations of sounds, audiences are influenced by this and become more immersed in the film. Some manipulations that are used in various films that we viewed throughout the course are things such as voice over narration that acts as a bridge while not completely breaking the fourth wall. As well as the careful planning of what soundtrack to use, which help to increase the influence a particular scene has on an audience such as in the Red Detachment of Women. Finally the use of silence or quietness to create a feeling of unease that help set the tone or the seriousness of a scene, while also having implications on the meaning of the film. Filmmakers use these tools and other manipulations to set the tone of the film and subconsciously help plant or reinforce what the films message or meaning may be. Had the makers of some films not put careful considerations into this aspect, their work would not have the same amount of influence or impact. During the time of early cinema, although they were “silent films,” it was never completely silent. Films during this time were shown with either live musicians scoring the music or a record player playing music that was appropriate for the film. During this period most of these silent films were of everyday things such as walking out of a factory or of cock fighting. While you could watch these films without any sound or music, it adds much to the overall aesthetic of watching them. All of which without…

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