Film Analysis : The Film Couples Retreat Essay

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The Review
The film Couples Retreat (Billingsley, 2009) introduces Jason and Cynthia, a married couple who love each other, but have had distress over the past year conceiving, and it is creating marital stress in their marriage. They both are considering a divorce. However, before they finalize the marriage and call it quits, they agree to try and restore their marriage by going on a vacation, and inviting a group of friends to come as well. Ronnie and Dave happily married a couple with two children, Lucy and Joe who have been married since they find out Lucy was expecting on prom night, and recently divorced Shane.
All couples were looking forward to a relax vacation at a resort name Eden. However, later on, they all find out that the resort is less of a vacation destination and more of a marriage counseling seminar on the Island. This film showcases marriage relationships who are struggling with different marital issues that they need to work on to save their marriages. When the couples grow apart from each other, or they decide to take the easy way out of divorcing, they eventually realize their faults and decide to work on their reconciliation.
Throughout the film, the couple coaching sessions comprise serious portions that incite healthy dialogue between each husband and wife. Often, times movies portray marriage as a perfect and harmonious relationship although in reality is nothing like that. However, Couples Retreat makes an excellent job presenting throughout…

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