Film Analysis : The Film ' Amistad ' Essay

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Have you ever watched a movie that was like a roller coaster of thrills and drama? At every twist and turn you came across and you foreshadowed how it would outcome, but only to be completely wrong. You think you seen the worse, but then you see something more gruesome. You may think you know how the movie will turn out, but do you really? Everyone also says there a happy ending in every movie, but is there really such a thing that exist. The historical film Amistad directed by Steven Spielberg captures all of these through a camera. He does an astonishing job at capturing all of these things is the film that is thrilling, cruel, drama, but also full of hope. It is without a doubt a classic film that went down in history with over forty-four million in Box Office sales.
The film Amistad is about an illegal slave trade that happened many years ago before the civil war period. The film focus on the main character Cinque. Cinque is an African man who is illegally kidnapped from his family to an illegal slave trading system. After being taken, Cinque is put onto a ship with many other African slaves from African to Cuba then to America on the boat named Amistad. During these they are all mistreated. They are all given new names, and striped away from everything they know. The weaker one are starved, they undergo whipping, and some get drowned to death. They are all put into a tight cargo room in the ship where there is no space, a horrible smell, and chains to hold them down.…

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