Film Analysis Story vs. Film - Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Film vs. Short Story Analysis– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
In reviewing the Paramount film adaptation of The Curious of Benjamin Button, directed by David Fincher and screenplay by Eric Roth, with the original story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one may conclude that there are more differences than there are similarities. The film version does maintain the main premise of the story, in that, it tells the tale of a man born old that grew up to be young, a story on aging. I will attempt to provide you with my view of the two mediums regarding their characters, settings and elements in the film that enhance or distract from the story.
First, let’s review the characters in the main story, of which there are few in the literary story
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She was the daughter of General Moncrief who meets Benjamin at a dance when he looks to be the same age as his father. The film version whole story revolves around his love interest, Daisy, with whom he meets when she is around 5 years old while she visits her grandmother at the old folks home. Daisy and Benjamin grew up playing together when she would visit her grandmother over many years and finally get together romantically in the middle of their lives. The relationships were very different but yet there is a sense of similarity in that Daisy does make a move on Benjamin when he looks to be about fifty years old, which is what Hildegarde believes Benjamin to be when she meets him. The film’s story seems to revolve around Daisy and Benjamin’s relationship and the literary story only revolves around Benjamin. The film version also had other love interests for Benjamin; the first being the wife of the Chief Administrator, Mr. Abbott, her name was Elizabeth Abbott. It is later, before he gets together with Daisy, that he has several nameless flings, which is void in the literary story. Daisy is a very important character in the film version that starts off with her dying and following the story of Benjamin with flashbacks to her current state. Towards the end of Benjamin’s life Daisy takes care of him, unlike Hildegarde who moves to Italy and lets her son, Roscoe, deal with his

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