Film Analysis : ' Shoot The Piano Player ' Essay example

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The film Shoot the Piano Player (1960), starts with scene of a moving piano that develops a happy mood for the film. The piano plays a significant part for the film, since it’s the first thing that viewers are going to remember about the film. Then there is a shift in sound from the music to the sound of a person running that creates a dramatic effect, because the scene is completely dark with only the headlights from the car to guide the viewers through the setting of the scene. In the opening scene, the camera follow Charlie’s brother, Chico on the streets of France in a urban area as he runs from a mysterious car. The opening scene maintain a natural lighting. There are moments where the camera could only see Chico, when he passes by the street lights. In this unexpected moment, when a stranger helps Chico off the grounds and they begin to talk about marriage. That interaction between the characters help to frame an idea of the typical person in France during that period of time. As Chico passes by the camera, there is a sign with the name Charlie Kohler. The shoot of the name Charlie Kohler, gives the impression that he may be the main character of the film. In most cases, the camera does not make signs known unless it’s important to the character story. When Chico went into the café, Charlie was not surprised to see his brother by his face expression. He is used to seeing his brother when he is in trouble and need help from him. Chico and Charlie keep a distance…

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