Film Analysis : Run Lola Run Essay

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It is evident that time is a very abstract concept in the sense that so many things can go so many different ways. There are numerous scenarios where we as humans could have done something better or worse. Or perhaps we were saved by ten seconds from a fatal car crash. In a very captivating German film, Run Lola Run, film director Tom Tykwer explores this topic of time with a great visual aesthetic. In this film, Lola, the main character, receives a phone call from her boyfriend Manni who has lost one hundred-thousand German marks. If he does not find the money within twenty minutes he will have to rob a store in order to avoid punishment. So, he calls Lola to help him come up with the money. Throughout the movie it shows three different scenarios that occur within the twenty minute time span she has. In each situation, each moment and action is important because one simple action can change the fate of Manni. Three elements that helped convey this theme of time were the editing, directing, and special effects. Out of all the other elements, the editing, specifically, the photography, stood out to be the most significant because each series of photos displayed quickly on the screen shows the future of those Lola runs into. This also shows how everyone plays some role someone else 's future. It is a very good film because it opens your mind up to a new

Rios 2 perspective on life on this really complex concept of how life can go in so many different directions. However,…

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