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Film Analysis: Pocahontas
The animated Walt Disney movie Pocahontas is based on a true life story of a young Powhatan Indian girl named Pocahontas who falls in love with John Smith. In the making of the movie, Walt Disney, attempts to relate to the early 17th Century historic event of Europeans settling in Jamestown; however, Disney did not portrait the true story. Disney rewrote the story by making it a beautifully romantic and animated love story like a Cinderella fairytale.
In the Walt Disney movie, Pocahontas and John Smith were both young adults when they first met. Pocahontas was very alethic, and wore a one-strapped leather short dress and she had a tattoo on her arm. John Smith was a tall, handsome, clean shaved man that wore
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(Morenus, 2012)
Contrary to the movie, Pocahontas was caught and held hostage in Jamestown in 1613. She then met and fell in love with colonist John Rolfe, a successful tobacco platter and Christian. Pocahontas was renamed Lady Rebecca, and became a Christian. She later married John Rolfe in April 1614. Peace was made with the Powhatan Indians beginning with the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe. Their son, Thomas Rolfe, was born in 1615. In 1616, the Rolfe family, several other Indians, and colonists were sent on a promotional English tour by the Virginia Company. Pocahontas was treated like royalty in England and attended lavish balls. Pocahontas became deathly ill and died in England on March 17, 1617 when she was only twenty-two years old. She was buried at the Church of Gravesend. (, 2007)
In the movie Pocahontas you can compare and contrast many realistic events just as they are recorded in history. Pocahontas was a very independent young girl. The Susan Constant was one out of the three ships that arrived at Jamestown. Pocahontas is known best for saving John Smith’s life from her father. The movie also had many nonfictional events; such as, Pocahontas and John Smith falling in love and getting married. Even though the main story line in the Pocahontas movie was false, you can still learn a lot of history and how Jamestown was settled.

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