Film Analysis : Mexico 's Drug Wars Essay

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Within our society conflict is unavoidable; there will always be one country, nation or group that believes they are superior and or lesser than another. Therefore these chosen few will engage in violent conflict. One global issue that has led to various acts of violence is the activities of the Mexican drug cartels. Mexico is in the midst of conflict with powerful drug cartels. These cartels have gained enough power that they may be able to decide the country’s fate of control. The war on drugs is a never ending war that has generated and continues to generate billions in profits for those powerful individuals. Within this paper the BBC film “Mexico’s Drug Wars” will be analyzed. Within the film Katya Adler takes us on a journey of the events that have been occurring throughout Mexico. Throughout the film she speaks to many locals and local law enforcement in order to capture a better idea of the horrendous occurrences. Her main goal is to learn more about the most powerful drug runner in Mexico Joaquin 'Chapo ' Guzman.
Mexican drug cartels have acquired unprecedented power which has allowed them to bribe and intimidate government officials. There are three main factors that have allowed them to gain their power they include, preexisting corruption, the inability of weak law enforcement institutions to counter them, and the demand for illegal drugs in the United States. Smuggling and drug trafficking has existed in Mexico for ages but it began only focused on…

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