Essay about Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk

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Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk, tells the story of a nameless narrator who struggles with a double personality disorder. Throughout Palahniuk’s novel, the narrator slowly evolves to become more like his “best friend”, which eventually leads the protagonist to live a life of chaos and dissatisfaction. In literature, there are characters that are either known for being reliable or unreliable. One can figure out if a character is reliable or unreliable by reading the text. In addition, reliability can be based on if the character has anything to do with memory loss, uses drugs or alcohol, or is removed from the action. If the character is compromised by one of the above, then the character is unreliable. An unreliable character cannot tell the truth because at one point or another during the story the character is mentally handicapped. A key element in Fight Club is the role of the narrator, the perspective from which the story is presented is in first person. The reason that the novel is written in first person, is to show that the narrator and the character Tyler are supposedly two different people. If the author had written the novel through a different perspective, then it would be difficult for readers to understand that Tyler and the narrator is actually the same person. This is due to the narrator being the only person who sees Tyler. Lastly, Palahniuk uses the narrator as an unreliable character to warn readers that an excessive amount of dissatisfaction in life can…

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