Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk Essay

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Before he ever wrote Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk’s father was murdered, he despised being a journalist, he worked with NPR, and for a while, he worked with people who were terminally ill. (Chalmers) Published in 1996, Fight Club was made into a movie only three years later. The book was based heavily on his own life experiences, such as his membership in the Cacophony Society, which inspired “Project Mayhem”. His work with the terminally ill, especially the death of a patient to whom he had become attached to, which inspired Tyler Durden’s- the main character- obsession with going to support group meetings, and his friend from a support group, Bob, also inspired many scenes in Fight Club. (Palahnuik) As a whole, Fight Club is about soap maker, Tyler Durden, and his descent into a madness that helps him discover and become the person he really wants to be. During his descent, Durden founds Fight Club, a club of angry, middle-class workers who, as the name states, fight. (Fight) To motivate the Club, and to spawn “Project Mayhem”, Durden addressed the Club saying:
Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. We have no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great…

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