Essay about Fifth Ward Is A Great Place

1062 Words Oct 18th, 2015 null Page
For various reasons, I believe Sixth Ward is a great place to learn. Every morning the morning announcement closes with, “A true blue jay will just be responsible, always be safe, yearn to learn, and show respect, have a happy and wonderful day!” Visitors can find this saying along the walls of the school and inside the classroom as well as other motivational quotes. As my days are becoming months, I’m realizing more that the educators strongly believe in their students and believe they are capable of achieving anything.
I’ve been at Sixth Ward for a couple months, so my emotions have certainly changed. I’m no longer nervous about being in a new environment because I’ve grown to know the teachers and staff. The staff has also grown to know me because occasionally I will get called out of class to go monitor another so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the core teachers. I’ve also become more involved in the school by attending faculty, SBLC, PBiS, and PLC meetings. Although, I’m still learning what it means to “teach to the standards”, I still try my best to participate during faculty meetings and help the teachers in any way I can.
My learning experiences have changed over time as I’m realizing the importance of my supervisor’s role at Sixth Ward. Mrs. Andrea is more than just an educator, but she’s also in charge of writing grants for the school, RTI, Student Council, and she’s the head member of SBLC. Currently, she is writing a grant for the school to…

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