Fifth Grade Essays

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Irene Casillas
Professor Gitte Trejo
English 1A L10
31 January 2016
Fifth Grade
I remember being in 5th grade hearing about a new assignment we were going to begin. It required us to read a book, write a play and act it out in front of a live audience. As we sat to listen to our teacher instruct us as to how we were going to go about this new assignment, I felt overwhelmed, nervous and anxious, because I wasn’t very good at reading nor did I like to stand up in front of people and talk let alone act out a play. Mr. Nicholas, my teacher, gave us our book, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, to look through it and get a feel for the book. Mr. Nicholas was very excited about this new assignment we were about to start
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Nicholas what present to us next. The next few weeks flew by, between writing out our scenes and creating our scenery. The time came to try and find out who would play what part, since we all had to participate. I was still anxious about the actual acting it out, so I decided to try out for a small role. Mr. Nicholas decided in order for him to really grasp who should play what, that we all had to read a certain passage and certain part in the book. As auditions began I felt like my peers were so amazing that I would get cast as a small part because of my reading and of course acting. So when Mr. Nicholas announced the roles that everybody would be playing, I was beyond shocked that I would be the narrator.
I stayed back after school to speak to Mr. Nicholas about my role in the paly. I remember asking him if he made a mistake or if he was sure. That’s when he asked me why I thought I wasn’t a good reader, and I told him it was because the other kids used to laugh at me when I read out loud. Mr. Nichol as said that he was very pleased with reading abilities and thought I was the best fit to be the narrator. I remembered leaving and feeling overwhelmed with everything we had talked about.
We started rehearsing our play. Everybody was excited about getting to learn their parts and act it them out in front of people. I on the other hand felt like I had so much weight on my shoulders. As the scenes started to

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