Fifth Grade Autobiography Poem By Rita Dove

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The poem I chose from the course packet "Poetry: Reading, Responding, Writing" was "Fifth Grade Autobiography", written by Rita Dove in 1989. The speaker in the poem is either a young boy or girl who is reflecting back on a specific memory of a family trip on a lake in Michigan when they were four years old. While first reading this poem, my first instinct was that it was going to be a narrative piece about the speakers literal time in the fifth grade, but upon further analysis, I found this poem to be much more nostalgic and reflective then my first instincts, and the title, lead me to believe. Throughout the poem, Dove uses many different poetic devices to deliver a vivid description of a trip the speaker took with their grandparents while

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    structured poem, Rita Dove introduces a speaker who strongly seems like he or she is describing an old picture from when the speaker was in fifth grade. Once again, Rita Dove does not reveal the sex of the speaker. Therefore the reader will assume the speaker is a female. Throughout the poem, the speaker describes what seems to be like an old family picture where she stands among her grandparents as well as her brother. Rita Dove succeeds into making this informational looking poem bear a much…

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