Fiery Trial : Abraham Lincoln And American Slavery Essay

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Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery by Eric Foner is a nonfiction book on the life and logic of Abraham Lincoln. This book follows Lincoln’s attitude toward slavery from the beginning of his life to the time of his famous Emancipation Proclamation. Foner intertwines the idea of slavery with Abraham Lincoln himself. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I loved the style of Foner’s writing. There was a lot of little things that Foner mentioned about Lincoln, especially during the time of his Presidency that I did not know before reading this book. Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery discusses Abraham Lincoln’s background life. For starters, Lincoln was born in the grand bluegrass state of Kentucky. Lincoln’s father shared very similar beliefs regarding slavery as he did, he considered it to be foul. Right off the bat, Abraham formed a logic “If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I cannot remember when I did not so think, and feel.” (P.22) Kentucky was considered a border state during the Civil War, and slavery was something that was very prominent so Lincoln’s father moved the family to Illinois. Illinois was considered a free state at this time. Also, Lincoln married a Kentucky-born woman, so Kentucky had a special place in Abraham Lincoln’s heart. I think one of the most interesting parts of this book was learning about the difference in Lincoln’s political career and his law career. When Lincoln was a lawyer in Illinois, he was known to…

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