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Fieldwork Paper

In my fieldwork project observed a number of gamers who will be divided into 2 categories of addicts and non addicts. People who play for more than 5 hours a day are called addicts and those who play less time than that are called non-addicts. Which will focus on the specific players in a game called World of Warcraft. This game is a very popular game worldwide with over 5000 people playing at any given time (Cronin 113-147). Its popularity is one of the reasons why people are getting addicted to it. Gamers are all the time looking for new and interesting games and as they find something new they started playing and telling their friends and family about it. In this
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Every time you play you have to start from scratch by building cities and creating armies by training his men in these cities built. But there are several interesting characters, as Mannoroth who is the king of the demons of the pit lords. His age is unknown and is described as pure hatred, malice, and rage. Cairne Bloodhoof is the chief of the Bloodhoof tribe 99 years of age (Cronin 113-147). He is good and is willing to give everything for his people and, though hampered by his age still has the strength of 50 men. This is one of those games that are tremendously brutal showing bloodshed and involving people dying and destruction. Each player has to constantly worry about the other players and think about how you can destroy the other without being killed himself. In fact, the game title says Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (Mayra 45-113).

What I did
I noticed some of the players of Warcraft and tried to answer some questions for me. How many hours are devoted to each player to play? How these hours are different from the different actors? Also, I tried to get familiar with the game and know about how the game works and the different characters you have. I also tried to play this game to see if I have found, as so addictive.
So for me the second I met with all the different actors and recorded their answers to my questions. I also spent time with many different players lead and then watched their daily lives and how it led to play this game affects their daily

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