Essay on Field Project : Closing An Achievement Gap

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Field Project: Closing an Achievement Gap
Edward E. Ray
Arkansas State University

Closing an Achievement Gap
Research Questions Annexation of Hartford School District into the Hackett School District was approved this past spring and will become effective July 1, 2015. A quick review of test score data from the Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment, and Accountability Program–or ACTAAP–over the past three years, it is easy to see an achievement gap between the two districts ( The question being addressed is, how can we close the achievement gap between the two campuses when we become a single district? This is a significant question in the coming years because future scores from the two campuses will be combined into a single district score. Should Hartford’s scores remain below those of Hackett’s scores as they typically have in recent years, the average district score for Hackett is going to be lowered from what it has been prior to the annexation. Declining scores, regardless of the reasons, is not an outcome that will go unaddressed. We have an obligation to provide the best education to our students that we can for their future. Assessment scores are currently the measuring stick we use to determine good education. Therefore, we must concern ourselves with the scores of the two school campuses and closing the gap that currently exists in achievement between them. We do not need to meet in the middle; we should…

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