Field Project Assignment Essay

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Field Project Assignment: 5 Stages
Stage 1 A. Choose one of the following options 1. Single in-depth interview(s) with one person preferably off campus, a non-student * Minimum total of 1 ½ -2 hours * Minimum interview session: 30 minutes 2. Interviews with two or more people but performed one-at-a-time * Minimum total of 2 hours * Minimum length of any portion of an interview: 30 minutes B. Choose your topic:
Career Related: Interview people currently working in the field you intend to enter following graduation. You could choose to interview an entry level person and one or two people who have had more experience. You might want to know techniques for breaking into
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Are you considering traveling somewhere you've never been?
Family History: Use this assignment as an opportunity to record those stories that may be lost in your family if no one takes the time to ask the right questions. Interview grandparents &/or parents about the interesting things that should be remembered beyond just dates and places. How did they meet? What was their home life like? What was the education like they received? What were their favorite activities growing up? What was dating/courting like? Who is the weirdest person in the family? What are they proudest about? What regrets do they have? Why did they choose their career area(s)? Have they ever done anything else? Have they served in the armed forces? etc. etc. etc.
BRAINSTORM! Consider the following: Neighbors, managers, personnel directors counselors, journalists, police officers, sales reps, pastors, social workers, grandparents, …there are so many interesting people with wonderful stories and experiences to tell! Be curious and learn!

C. Do any necessary research before the interview in order to ask better questions: * Is there any background information about the topic with which you need to become familiar in order to ask effective, well-informed questions? * Who are the key players, and what are the issues you need to be aware of and able to identify? * Is there any information about your interviewee(s) that you need to explore?

Stage 2: Project

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